Today, i feel like dying.

No! i am already dead,

the feeling of death is just now catching up to me.

Yours truly,




Dear self,

Jump blindly into the leap of the adventures that follow the next couple months. It might not work out, but whats the fun in following plans. Be free.

Go on more adventure,

Surround yourself with positivity,

Find the things that make you happy again,

Yes, you are allowed to be selfish,

And finally find solace in solitude.

With all my love,


Life changing

Don’t run away from what look like scary decisions. If they weren’t a little scary at first then they wouldn’t be worth it. Stick to it and see where the journey takes you. I am so excited for this next chapter and to see where it leads you.

Maybe it’s time to stop running, what are you running from after all?. You were so caught up in running you forgot what it is that was chasing you.

nothing…. absolutely nothing….

you were chasing you….you are your biggest fear.

So STOP! Face you, whatever it is you’re looking for you will find within yourself. So jump, into this wild yet beautiful decision. Surprise yourself every now and then. But in all remember to be vigilant in prayer.


Drawing board

You need to go back to the drawing board and start over, this time with no plans. Plans lead to disappointments, they consume your brain. You need to break free from the chains of your plans. Maybe try living life more wildly, with no blue print. Just YOU…maybe it’ll give you time to grieve and heal. Grieving wasn’t apart of your plan so you haven’t been able to do it, but you need to heal. -Self